Ivan V. Yepifanov



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Place of residence: Saint-Petersburg, The Russian Federation


Obtain a position as a developer in IT department. Utilize my current experience of software development.


·         3 years experience as C++/Qt developer (crossplatform).

·         1 years experience as C# developer (VS2008 + MSSQL DB Server, LINQ)

·         2 years experience as Web developer based on PHP technology.

·         2 years experience as Javascript (HMTL, AJAX, DOM) developer.

·         Basic knowledge of Unix/Linux platform (Ubuntu, Shell scripts).

·         Basic experience developing under Android platform.

·         Basic experience as Java developer (JDeveloper + Oracle).


·         Languages: C/C++, Qt, C#, JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery), PHP/HTML/CSS, LUA.

·         Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, Oracle.

·         Operating systems: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Arch Linux, CentOS).

·         Utilities: Tortoise SVN, MS Visual Studio 08\10, Qt Creator 2\3, qmake, Eclipse, JDeveloper, Apache, PowerSim Constructor, Mathcad.


“Diakont”, LLC (http://www.diakont.com)

·         October 2014 – present

Developing special applications for robotics and drives (including robot control app, sensors calibration tools). Integration with different devices, receiving and analysis data from them (udp, com/usb), data arrays processing in real time (~1000 packets per second). Writing stand-alone libraries (e.g., database adapter; device library for integration in UI) for using them in different projects, so I need to think about convenient library interface, stable and exception safety.


I work as a C++ (Qt 4.8.6 80%, STL+BOOST 20%) developer under Windows (MSVC, Visual Studio 2008, QtCreator 3).

Technologies, that I’m using currently: C++ (Qt 4.8.6, stl c++03, boost), TCP/UDP, COM/USB, SQLite, ACTi SDK-10000, design patterns.


OAO “Radiocontrol technologies”

·         August 2013 – October 2014

Developed crossplatform applications with client-server architecture.


I worked as a C++ (Qt 4.7.4) developer under Windows\Arch Linux (MinGW\GCC, QtCreator 2).


Technologies used: C++(Qt),  TCP/UDP, RPC, ffmpeg, design patterns (singletone, observer, strategy, abstract factory, template method, command).



May 2011 – August 2013

·         May 2011 – August 2013

Researched and developed acoustic motion tracking device (mathematical and software part of it) – 2 developers.


I worked as a C++ (Windows) developer on this project. Started it from scratch. Implement mathematical algorithm of solving the system of nonlinear equations; designing data communications protocol; analysis and filtering data.

This device is using in advanced interactive shooting range for the purpose of controlling the position of the shooter.


Technologies used: C++, Mathcad.


·         September 2012 – April 2013

o   Developed web-application that allows user to control remotely the advanced interactive shooting range – 2 developers.


I worked as C++ and web-developer on this project.


Technologies used: C++, JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX), JSON, HTML, CSS.


·         April 2013

o   Developed application that helps to view and edit some specific lua scripts (specific to interactive shooting range 3D engine) – 1 developer.


I worked as C++ (Qt) developer on this project.


Technologies used: C++, Qt, QtCreator, Regular expressions.


·         May 2011 – August 2013

o   Developed different game scenes for the interactive shooting range.


I work as LUA, C++ developer on this project. The main goal is to develop artificial intelligence with some constraints and rules represented by customer.



LLC “KayCom Experts” (http://kaycom.ru)

·         October 2009 – May 2011

o   Redeveloped one of the biggest internet shops in Russia – 4 developers (http://euroset.ru/).

I worked as a web-developer on this project. I had 3 main goals:

First of all I needed to figure out database structure of an old version of the site. And then transfer all the content in the new database unspoiled.

The second goal was to design the scheme of integration web-site with program of automation enterprise activities and then implement this scheme.

And the third goal was to integrate different payment systems (via credit card) into the web-site.


Technologies used: PHP, Bitrix, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, Shell scripts.


o   Developed many website modules, such as news, articles, and systems of commentaries.

Vladimir State University (http://vlsu.ru/)

·         September 2009 – September 2012.

o   Developed Decision Support System in «education – a labor market – economy» system – 1 developer.

That DSS is based on mathematical model in the form of system of linear differences equations of the first order with constant factor lays. The purpose of system is the analysis and forecasting of a condition of system «education – a labor market – economy».

I worked as a junior research fellow on this project. In my charge was C# developing and database design and developing.


Technologies used: PowerSim Constructor, C#, MSSQL.


·         Present

·         Web-developing with php\mysql. Web-server (CentOS 6) administration.

·         Present

o   Studying RESTful architectures, designing and developing service based on client-server architecture.

·         May 2013

o   Developed an android widget that interact with the site http://wind.33rus.ru/ to get an actual weather data.


Technologies used: Java, Android SDK, Eclipse.


·         April - May 2013

o   Developed modern counterpart of an existing corporate authorization-system with view to provide access to information resources of the EGAR Focus program for LLC “FS Service”.


Technologies used: C#, LINQ, MSSQL, Visual Studio 2010.


·         April 2013

o   Developed audio player with function of shuffle play using true random generator http://www.random.org/.


Technologies used: Qt, Phonon, Webkit, MySQL, random.org API.


·         February - April 2009 (http://www.liftovikco.ru/)

o   Developed corporate web-site in terms of online business card from scratch.

§  Besides everything else I had designed and developed MySQL database structure that allows storing corporate news and vacancies.


Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL.


o   2004 – 2009, VLSU

Vladimir State University,

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Physics and Applied Mathematics Department (http://fpmf.vlsu.ru/index.php?id=865&L=2).

o   1998 – 2004, Vladimir State Secondary School № 46.

o   1993 – 1998, Norilsk State Secondary School №21.


English, Russian (native).